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Since 1988, Mr. Rajesh Mittal (Director), Rajesh Associate, is into Real Estate Consultancy and provide best property selection to their clients for Buy/Sell or Lease, whether it is Residential Apartments, Residential Villas, Plots or Commercial space. We support from Property Selection to Possession.

Residential Property in Jaipur

There are a wide range of residential properties in Jaipur and an array of flats in Jaipur for purchase and to fix on a single area or flat can be little daunting. But we are here to ease things for you because we understand that picking the right residential property in Jaipur is not a child’s play. Selecting the best residential property in Jaipur depends on what is the definition of your best. It could be the best locality, best infrastructure, best housing amenities in flats or various parameters that can vary from person to person and we understand this better than anyone else.

Things to Consider Before  you choose a Residential Property in Jaipur

For selecting the best residential property in Jaipur, we help you to keep a clean check on all the parameters and scale every residential property with respect to different parameters.

1)      Locality – When it comes to buying a residential property in Jaipur or choosing from the flats in Jaipur for purchase, we cannot afford to overlook the locality that the property resides in. In fact, the first thing that grabs our attention is its locality. Location can play a huge role in our day to day lives. Whether the place is close to your workplace, are the people around maintaining a clean environment, Is there a park or a place for your recreational activity are certain questions that need to be looked at. We weigh each of these factors with due importance and provide you with the most suitable residential areas to chose from.

2)      Housing Amenities– We all want to live a luxurious life, and amenities let us lead that life. Luxuries like a swimming pool, house garden, fitness room etc. can be your requirement which depends on the size of your choice of flat in Jaipur for purchase. But you don’t have to worry, because we have in our pool the apartments that are small but manage to fit in localities which have amenities in sharing. So you mention your demand and we fulfill it. It is that simple.

3)      Infrastructure –  While selecting a flat in Jaipur for purchase, we can bifurcate people with almost equal probability on what kind of infrastructure they require. While some people need an already furnished, fully functional flats which can provide them ease of living without giving any of their time and input while others want to renovate it completely as per their need, or some others who manage to strike a balance between the two. Whatever category you fit in, we have a space for you in each one. We can show the one’s customizable or the ones that give you instant ease. Leave it all on us.

4)      Budget– Who does not want to buy a residential place in Jaipur or a most suitable flat in Jaipur for purchase by paying a negligible amount. We all want to buy places that fit our budget yet meet our needs. We understand you, that is why we are here for you. You give us your upper end and we give you the best deals. last but not least in this Residential Property in Jaipur tips.

5)      Safety– We know how much your safety means to you and so does to us. If you cannot feel safe in the place where you live and your loved ones have to live in a constant fear of being around unsafe people, then that place is of no use to you. We understand the extent to which we need to pay heed to your safety, and that is what we have been ensuring from the last 29 years, to deliver places that maintain peace and harmony.

We create this list of areas and flats by keeping you at our utmost priority, but how do you ensure that we are offering you the right deals. Well, this is how you can decide for yourself.

1)      Accountability– We take full responsibility for what kind of services we deliver and we are answerable to you for the same. Having worked in this real estate business in our very own city of Jaipur, we know the place inside out which diminishes our chances of a mistake and helps strengthen your faith in us.

2)      Credibility– We are known for our credible services. We don’t just babble but believe in delivering. In today’s times, we hear a lot of fraudsters promising you the best services and leave you short of all your hard earned money. But our credible services have helped us gather hundreds of customers that are still associated with us without thinking twice. Because we don’t just run away, instead, are right in front of you, at your service.

Whether you are looking for residential properties in Jaipur or hunting for flats in Jaipur for purchase, our exclusive deals, our vast pool of choices as per your needs, with the most experienced industry experts to guide us in our way, we are here to serve you. It is for you to decide if we are credible and to judge our services that are grabbing attention from millions of viewers daily across the world.



Rajesh Associates helped us to find the home we wanted. It was an unbelievable concept to have every corner of the house designed to our need.

Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Jaipur

Such great living style at reasonable prices was truly the best deal we could have got.

Ms. Nancy Bhargava, Gurgaon

Superior quality & transparent understanding with us is the main reason that we trust Rajesh Associates.

Mr. Rahul Bhatia, Chandigarh